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Quick Cleaning When You’re Overwhelmed

Quick Cleaning When You're Overwhelmed Overwhelm is my middle name right now. Between dealing with the aftermath of the house fire, going full time with my day job, and working on a new book, I’m juggling a lot of balls right now. I don’t have time to deal with a lot of day-to-day housecleaning. Thankfully, I know a lot of quick cleaning hacks, and I want to share them with you!

Put Together a Cleaning Kit

Don’t waste time gathering cleaning supplies — gather them once and have it done. I use an adorable cleaning caddy from Grove Collaborative to corral my most used cleaning products. In it, I keep these products (all from Grove):

  • Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Mrs. Meyers Glass Cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Full Circle’s Dust Whisperer Filament Duster

ecloth_cleaning_pad2I also recently added a new tool to my cleaning kit: ecloth’s Cleaning Pad. I received one free for review from ecloth, and you guys, this thing ROCKS! It’s not just a regular microfiber cloth, it’s actually padded, making it extra absorbent for cleaning wet areas such as sinks and around bathtubs and showers. At 6.5” x 9”, it fits perfectly in my hand for quick scrubbing. You just need water — it cleans chemical-free to remove dirt, grease, and grime. It’s machine washable, so it’s super easy to do your cleaning and then toss in the wash so it’s ready for next time. Check out ecloth’s video for more info on how to use this cool cleaning pad!

Plan the Work…

Is your kitchen a disaster? Then that’s what you’re going to focus on. Is it the living room, dusty and cluttered with toys? Then do that. Or are you expecting guests and need to do a spruce-up of the bathrooms? That will be your focus then. Whatever it is, plan your attack. You’re almost guaranteed to get sidetracked if you approach cleaning with a CLEAN ALL THE THINGS attitude. Don’t overwhelm yourself more than you already are. Choose an area, and focus on that.

Set a Timer

No, really. Set a timer, for 15-20 minutes, and see how much you can accomplish. Racing the timer really does help light a fire under your rear!

Now Work the Plan

Start that timer and go! Clear off horizontal spaces of clutter, then use your all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths to wipe them off. Put back only the items that need to be there, as neatly and prettily as possible. Don’t get sidetracked returning other clutter to its rightful home — instead, dump it all in a basket so you can make the rounds returning items just once.

In the bathroom, grab that ecloth cleaning pad, dampen it, and use it to wipe down sinks, showers, and tubs. It absorbs a lot, so you can just rinse and squeeze before moving on to the next part, and it doesn’t spread bacteria, so no worries about that!

Let technology help you too — if you have a dishwasher, start a load of dirty dishes, and include any other pieces that are dishwasher safe for a thorough cleaning. Start a load of dirty laundry, and include towels, washable rugs, and cleaning cloths as you use them.

If you’re not finished when the timer goes off, do another round. The timer is serving to keep you on task, so use it as a friend, not a foe. If you need a break, set the timer for 5 minutes and put your feet up, then get back to it once the timer runs out. You’ll be finished in no time!

Plan Ahead for Touch-Ups

Take a few minutes to consider what you need to make touch-ups easy in the future. I keep a dishwand scrubber of dish soap and white vinegar in my shower so I can clean while I’m in there. We keep disposable cleaning wipes in the kitchen and in each bathroom for quick touch-ups whenever we’re in there (and we have our kids wipe the bathrooms down several times a week as well!) Keep extra trash bags in the bottom of your trash bins so you can take out trash quickly before company shows up. Put clean dishes away promptly so you can load the dishwasher as you go and run it right away every time it gets full. And don’t run out of your favorite cleaning supplies! I get a monthly shipment from Grove Collaborative with all my favorite cleaning products so I never run out (I’m a sucker for the Mrs. Meyers stuff, but I’ve got my faves with Seventh Generation, Method, and ecloth too — and they carry them all!)

What can you do right now to make cleaning quick and easy so you’re not so overwhelmed by the little tasks?

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I received a free ecloth cleaning pad for review purposes from This fair and honest review contains my own opinions. I have received no other compensation for this review. This is disclosed in accordance with FTC guidelines.

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small percentage from sales made using affiliate links. Thanks so much!

Are You Setting the Right Goals?

Are You Setting the Right Goals?There’s a lot more to goal setting than just choosing a goal. It’s also important to ensure you are setting the right goals at the right time so you can truly be successful. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are Your Goals Specific, Realistic and Measurable?

It takes a little research to ensure that a goal is realistic. If you’re not sure if something is actually achievable, then you haven’t done enough research. Once you’ve set a realistic goal, then you need to be specific enough in your description of it so it’s also easy to take the goal and work backwards to create a schedule of actions needed to succeed. As Michael Hyatt says, goals should be specific (so you know exactly what you’re shooting for), realistic (something you can actually see yourself achieving), and measurable (so you can know for sure when you’ve achieved it).

Are Your Goals Multifaceted?

Focusing on only one part of your life is a bad idea. People live multifaceted lives and need to make goals for all areas of their lives in order to feel successful. If you have a wonderful business and career but your personal life suffers, then no matter how successful you are, you will not feel successful. Something will always feel as if it’s missing from your life if your goals aren’t inclusive. Therefore, make sure your goals include something from each aspect of your life.

Is Your Scheduling Representative of Real Need?

Once you create a schedule for yourself to reach each goal you’ve set, you need to truly consider how representative it is of reality. Say your goal is to be healthy and reduce your cholesterol by 10 percent in six months. But, you haven’t set aside the time needed to exercise and eat right. If you don’t schedule in the time needed, you won’t succeed because something will always be in your way. It will be very frustrating to practice your schedule because it doesn’t represent reality.

For instance, if you are going to exercise 30 minutes each day, setting aside only 30 minutes isn’t going to be realistic. You’ll probably need to set aside an hour to account for getting ready as well as cooling down or getting cleaned up to go back to work.

Are You Learning from Failure?

Many times when setting goals and schedules, instead of learning from failure, people give up. Using the example above, once you implement your schedule to reach the goals you’ve set, when you notice there are things you’ve forgotten to take into account, don’t give up. Learn from the mistake and change the schedule to be more realistic.

You might find that in practice you have to rewrite your goals and your schedule, but that’s perfectly normal.

Do Your Goals Represent Your Needs and Wants or Someone Else’s?

A lot of people set goals that represent what someone else wants instead of what they want. This can cause bad feelings and resentment. As you set your goals for your life, ask yourself if they’re really what you want for yourself or what someone else wants for you. Ask yourself if you’re OK with any goal you make being for someone else before you embark on your journey.

It’s OK to do things because of someone else, but it’s important that you’re honest about it and make some goals for yourself that don’t involve anyone else’s needs or wants.

Are You Checking in Often to Stay on Track?

Schedules are very important to the success of reaching any goal in life. To-do lists pale in comparison to a well-laid-out calendar of tasks and activities that get you from point A to point B. Ensure that you look at your schedule every morning and every night and note when you succeed on sticking to your schedule and where you don’t. Noticing a pattern of activity can be helpful in fixing a poorly written schedule as well as staying realistic about whether or not you’re sticking to the plan.

Are Your Goals Focused Positively?

When writing a goal it’s important to write them in a way that feels positive to you. In the quest to improve your life, try writing down a goal and then changing the words to sound more positive to see if it isn’t more motivating. For instance, “losing weight” seems like a good goal, but for some people it might signify deprivation. So instead, the person might frame the goal as “improving my BMI by 10 points” or “improving my cholesterol by 10 percent.”

Do You Have Too Many Goals Set at One Time?

Just as setting too few goals can be a problem, so can setting too many. Everyone has a personal life and a career life and points in between. If you have set goals in too many areas of life at once, you might tire yourself out and get overwhelmed. Instead pick one personal goal, and one other type of goal to focus on until you reach them, and then you can add more goals as time goes on. You don’t need to do everything today. Slow and steady wins the race is a good motto to hang on to.

Setting the right goals for yourself takes some thought and consideration. Don’t try to set all your goals in one day — instead, set some goals in different stages and in different areas of your life and give a lot of thought to why you’re making the goal in the first place.