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Norwex Mop System Review: Clean the Floor with ONLY WATER?!

Norwex Mop System Review: Clean My Floor with Only Water?!There are few cleaning supplies I would call “life-changing” but the Norwex mop system is definitely one of them. I’m known for writing about green cleaning and simplifying life, and this mop is the very definition of both in the cleaning world.The Norwex mop, like other signature Norwex products, cleans with just water — no harsh cleaners necessary. No toxic chemicals, no weird additives that make my tile cloudy and sticky or strips my wood floors. And I love the interchangable heads that make going from dry sweeping to wet mopping a snap.

First, the yellow Dry Superior Mop Pad, with its large head and angled sides, makes getting into corners a breeze, and the 100% microfiber pulls all those dust particles in and holds them tight. No spreading dirt around with this baby. It also cleans up pet hair like nobody’s business. I’ve got two cats and a dog — so my house is very furry! When finished, cleaning the pad is super easy — just sweep off all the hair, fur and other debris in the trash with the Norwex Rubber Brush, and pop the pad in the washing machine.

The blue Wet Mop Pad makes mopping fast and easy — which is not how I usually describe mopping! Just dampen the pad with warm water, squeeze it out so it’s not drippy, and slap it on the mop head. It works on all floor types, even wood floors, with no worries about damaging the finish. And y’all — you can use it to wash your WALLS too! If you have tile floors, the Tile Mop Pad has scrubby nylon fibers woven into the microfiber pad to help get dirt out of grout lines and uneven tile surfaces — a Godsend when you have as much tile in your house as we do! These mop pads made mopping so fool-proof, I can even get my kids to do it! Both mop heads are easy to rinse and reuse, and then just toss in the laundry to wash as needed.

At this point, my husband would also like me to add that when he was in the hospital back in January (he’s fine now), he noticed that they mopped the floor with a Norwex mop. In. The. Hospital. I’m pretty sure that’s what won him over to the Norwex side.

I love the telescoping mop handle — I can make it short for the little ones in the house who want to help with the cleaning, or I can make it taller so my husband can help out. Even better, I can extend the telescoping handle to full length and use it to wipe off the second story window ledges that had previously eluded me (the dust was lethal up there y’-all). I also have the attachable Mop Brackets for my Mop Base, so it’s easy to tuck on a Norwex EnviroCloth for dry or damp dusting even the highest spaces.

Bonus, I can tuck my Norwex EnviroWand to the telescoping handle for dusting those second-story window blinds, sills and ceiling corners. The wand bends so you can position it however you need to reach those hard-to-clean areas.

Before I got the Norwex mop system, I had a collection of brooms, dry sweepers, mops, and refillable mop systems. You know how much I love simplifying, and this one simple set allowed me to dump all those other tools that promised a lot but never lived up to the hype. I rarely saw my husband handle a mop before we got the Norwex mop — now he doesn’t hesitate to grab it and run it around whenever the floor needs it. I love not worrying about whether I have enough cleaner on hand, what’s lurking in the broom bristles, or how long it’s been since the mop was cleaned. My kids can help clean without fear of getting toxic chemicals on their delicate skin. The Norwex mop is easy to use and easy to keep clean, and I love knowing there aren’t harmful chemicals on my floors putting my kids and pets in danger. I know my wood floors won’t be stripped and lose their shine. I know my tile grout is clean. So much from one mop!

Disclaimer: I do not sell Norwex, but my awesome sister-in-law does. You can find her at, and she throws a killer Facebook party for anyone looking for hostess rewards. In fact, I got my mop system by hosting a party on Facebook! I did not receive payment for posting this unbiased review, nor do I receive any commission off any sales made because of this review, and all thoughts and views are my own.

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  1. This mop is amazing. I am not surprise they use it in the hospital. I have one at home. I mop really fast. This is important because one housewife has a lot of other things to do. Best regards!

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