Creating a Life Free From Chaos

January Simplicity Challenge

This month I want to do a challenge called “That Pesky Project.” Your challenge is to choose one project or task that you’ve been delaying and complete it. Since we only have 2 weeks left in January, pick something you’re sure you can finish. It might be a task you’ve been dreading, or it might be a task you’ve wanted to do for awhile but just hadn’t set aside the time for. Maybe you still need to put away all those holiday decorations, or write your thank-you notes, or clean out the kids’ toys, or clean out your freezer, or even finish filling in 2007’s photo album. Whatever it is, this is the time to do it.

If your project seems a bit overwhelming, break it down into baby steps. You can either do this in your head or on paper, but spend a few minutes deciding how you will complete your project and how long it will take to do it. Then look at your calendar and set aside the time to finish it. Wouldn’t it be nice to start 2008 off on a productive note?

My project for the month is scanning my son’s artwork into the computer. In an effort to save space, but still indulge my mommy-sentimentality, I’m scanning all of my son’s art that he brings home from daycare onto CD, then keeping only my very favorite pieces to save. The rest are divided up and sent to the grandparents for their fridges. I was doing really well with this project last spring until I moved house, then the art started to pile up into a formidable mountain. So I’m breaking the project down into baby steps, and scanning a small stack each night until I get caught up. Then I can send each grandparent a big envelope of artwork to enjoy! I started this project last month and was able to hand out some art at Christmas, but now I need to finish it and get caught up!

What’s your Pesky Project to finish this month?

Your Green Resolutions for 2008

Here are some of the Green Resolutions I got from you, the readers! I’m still looking for some Simple Living Resolutions, so make sure you send those in too!

Gretchen: I’m also trying to remember to bring my reuseble shopping bags into the grocery store, but I guess it is better that I forget the bags than forget one of the kids, right?

Casey: I also forget my reusable bags. They are even green and proclaim in big white lettering how eco-friendly I am for using them! I’ve remembered to use them all of 3 times or so, then the cashiers look all scandalized to have to use them. On a bright note, I reuse most of the plastic bags that come into my house, and send the ones I don’t use to my daughter’s preschool. They ALWAYS need bags.

Becky: The only real green New Year’s Resolution I made was to stop using baggies whenever possible and use Tupperware containers instead. I should have been doing that all along though, huh?

Jamie: I’m trying to use my Trader Joe’s bags more often. It’s just hard to get them, my son and the diaper bag…At least I put them in my car.

Michelle: I plan to try a couple of things: vinegar for cleaning and making own laundry soap. And the biggest one…actually USING my recycling trash can! My city has free recycling pick-up, but we have a set-up in our house that makes it really inconvenient to actually get things out to the proper trash can. So we end up just dumping bottles and the like into the regular trash. Bad, I know. I’m going to work on it.

Emily: My green resolution: get a food waste container and use it rather than throwing scraps in the regular trash.

Kathrine: I’m resolving to give up my toxic household cleaners and try out some of the new environmentally friendly ones that are on the market.

Joseph: I’m only going to run the dishwasher if it’s full. We’ve gotten into the bad habit of running it every day, regardless of whether it’s full or only has a few plates. If there’s not much to wash, I’ll either wait or do them by hand.

Leslie: I’m going to buy several microfiber cloths for cleaning, instead of using paper towels for everything.

Charlie: We’re going to wash our laundry in cold water instead of warm, and only use hot water for really bad stains. I also want to get a laundry line to hang outside this summer.

Rosie: I got a new reusable water bottle for Christmas, so I’m going to avoid getting those plastic disposable water bottles.