Creating a Life Free From Chaos

July Challenge: Simplify Something

Our July Challenge is to Simplify Something — anything. It could be your bookcase, your nightly routine, a closet, your weekly menu. Think about what you’re doing that is more complicated than it really needs to be, and come up with a plan to simplify it.

Do you have too many commitments competing for your time? Maybe you should make plans to unload a few tasks. Maybe you need to reduce the number of possessions you have (and therefore have to clean and maintain) or maybe you can consolidate trips to the store and shop online to simplify your errands. Can you afford to hire someone to help out with housecleaning, yard maintenance or other regular tasks? Simplify your to-do list, and set limits for what you can reasonably accomplish in a day. Do one thing at a time, and enjoy some silence here and there.

Spend a few minutes today thinking of what you can do to simplify your life, even if you only change one thing, and get to it

Quick Tip: ID the Old Toothbrush

You’ve no doubt heard the tip about using old toothbrushes to clean everything from jewelry and bathtub grout to laundry stains and Fido’s muddy paws. Make sure those now-questionably- grimy toothbrushes stay separate from your real toothbrush by swiping some brightly colored nail polish along the handle. You’ll know at a glance which brushes are tooth-friendly and which ones are Mr. Clean.

Of course, if you keep your real toothbrush on your bathroom sink and your cleaning brushes with your cleaning supplies, you won’t have a problem. But this little tip may be good insurance just in case…