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Making Simple and Green Resolutions for 2008!

It’s a new year, and everyone is making resolutions. How about making a commitment to doing one thing just a little greener this year? How about making a commitment to simplify one thing in your life this year?

E-mail me or drop me a comment on your Simple and Green Resolutions for 2008, and I’ll post them. You can be an inspiration to others who are looking to make changes!

My Green Resolution: To use fewer plastic shopping bags. I have a nice selection of reusable bags, but often forget to take them INTO the store!

My Simple Resolution: Reduce my clutter. Fewer items in my house will mean less to clean! With a new baby on the way in March and a toddler already tearing up the house, I could really use the lighter cleaning workload.

What are your Simple and Green Resolutions?

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