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I {Heart} the Library, and Why You Should Too

I love the library. Part of me wishes I’d become a librarian instead of a graphic designer. I’ve always liked the library, but my love grew when I worked as a graphics editor for a big city public library a few years ago. My office was located in the main branch of the library, and it was so much fun to spend breaks wandering the stacks.

I had a long commute, so I got hooked on books on CD to pass the miles. I could easily grab any and every book I wanted. I no longer work in a library, but I’m hooked. A weekly or biweekly trip to the library is a must. If you haven’t been to a library recently, check out these reasons why you should:

  • It’s FREE. Yes, that’s the best part. You can browse and borrow books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, even ebooks for free. Just get a library card, and don’t forget to return the items on time. It’s like going to Barnes and Noble without the cost. You can even request a new book to be purchased by the library so YOU can read it. How cool is that?
  • It’s online. No more tedious card catalogs — library materials are typically cataloged online now. That means you can check to see if a particular book is actually on the shelf before making the trip over, and you can even request materials to be held for you, making the trip even quicker and easier. If someone already has your desired book checked out, you can put a request in, and the library will notify you once it’s been returned so you can pick it up next.
  • It’s earth-friendly and reduces consumption. You not only save money by not buying as many new books, you also reduce your consumption of consumer goods. Why buy it when you can borrow it, especially if you probably will never refer to it again once it’s been read? Reduced consumption decreases the number of books thrown away, recycled or sitting dusty in a corner as clutter. Borrowing also saves trees by not necessitating as many printings of a given book — not so happy for publishers, but very happy for the trees.
  • There’s more to it than books. I’ve already mentioned that libraries now typically carry not only books, but music CDs, DVD movies, audio books, etc. But they also have so much more than that. Children’s story times, adult book clubs, kids and teens’ reading clubs, and author speaker events, to name a few. Most also have computers with Internet access available for customer use, and extensive selections of magazines to read on site.
  • It’s a great place to donate your old reads. Got some books you don’t use but have a hard time parting with? Donate them to the library! You can visit the books whenever you like, but they won’t be hogging space in your home! Donating to the library is also a great tax deduction, so get a receipt for your donation.

So, what do YOU do at the library?

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  1. We dig the library too! We hit it up before heading to rent a movie, or buy a book! Lucky for us our kids LOVE reading so to finance their appetites would cost a fortune, not to mention the space we would need. The Library has evolved with technology and is so user friendly! I must say I would love to work in a library!

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