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Repurposing Tic Tac Containers

I got this email last weekend and couldn’t help but laugh. It’s been ages since I had a Tic Tac container around, but after this, I may need to get one.

Dear Sandy,
Help please! I’m addicted to Tic Tacs! I’m a salesperson that sees dozens of clients a day, and I’ve gotten in the habit of popping a Tic Tac before I go in to each sales presentation. Doesn’t seem like a problem, right? But now I’m drowning in those little plastic Tic Tac containers! My curb-side recycler doesn’t take them, and I hate to throw them in the trash. What can I do with them???
Thanks for your help!

Photo by Zhao/Flickr

Photo by Zhao/Flickr

Keisha, here’s what I came up with off the top of my head for repurposing Tic Tac containers. You could also try offering them up as a lot on your local Freecycle page — I’m sure someone will want them!

  1. Briefcase/school bag travel container for paperclips
  2. A safe disposal container for sharp items such as razor blades or X-acto knife blades
  3. Bead and jewelry supply storage for crafters or jewelry makers
  4. Travel drink mix dispenser, similar to the individual packets of lemonade mix that you can add to water
  5. Travel container for your favorite sweetener or raw sugar
  6. Container for small jewelry — great for travel or for corralling earrings in a larger jewelry box
  7. Storing glitter and confetti bits for children’s art projects
  8. Organize tiny batteries, like watch batteries and hearing aid batteries
  9. Make an emergency sewing kit
  10. Waterproof container for matches, great for camping
  11. Salt or pepper shaker (or any other spice)
  12. Storage for laundry quarters or car coinage
  13. Storage for sewing supplies such as needles, pins, spare thread, small buttons
  14. Ribbon spooler
  15. DIY LED flashlight
  16. Offer them to a school for a class art project

Hope that helps! Readers, if you think of any more uses for Tic Tac containers, please post them in the comments!

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