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Simple DIY Household Cleaners

I’ve combined my DIY household cleaner recipes here for easy reference. These items are easily accessible at any grocery store, and you probably have most of them already around your house. For liquid soap, I prefer to use Dr. Bronner’s.

Recycle an old Parmesan cheese shaker to store baking soda. Don’t forget to label your bottles!

All-Purpose Spray Cleaner/Window Cleaner
You can use this one anywhere – kitchen, bath, floors, counters, car, etc. The vinegar is a disinfectant.
• ½ cup white distilled vinegar
• 1 tsp liquid soap
• 2 cups water
• 3-5 drops essential oil — I like peppermint, lemon or wild orange
*Mix together in a spray bottle and shake before each use.

Basic Soapy Cleaner
I use this one everywhere – it’s especially good for cleaning little spots on the carpet and upholstery.
• 2 cups water
• ½ tsp castile soap
*Mix together in a spray bottle and shake before each use.

Tea Tree Anti-Mildew Spray
This spray is fabulous in the bathroom – spritz after cleaning and let the tea tree kill mildew.
• 2 tsp tea tree oil
• ½ tsp liquid soap
• 2 cups water
*Combine in a spray bottle and shake well before each use. Do not rinse off – allow the tea tree oil to do its work.

Creamy Cleanser (Soft Scrub-Style Cleanser)
Another all-purpose cleaner you can use anywhere – great for the kitchen and bath.
• ½ cup baking soda
• Enough liquid soap to make a paste
*Combine with a spoon and apply with a sponge or rag. Rinse well. For a basic scouring powder, just use the baking soda straight.

Basic Wood Cleaner
This one is good for polishing wood furniture and moldings.
• ¼ cup white distilled vinegar
• ¼ cup water
• ½ tsp liquid soap
• a few drops of jojoba or olive oil
• 3-5 drops essential oil (wild orange or lemon essential oil is great for this)
*Combine in a bowl and apply using a rag or sponge.

Leather Furniture Polish
Perfect for leather furniture, leather jackets, and shoes.
• ½ cup jojoba oil
• ½ tsp liquid castile soap
*Combine with a whisk, then apply in dabs using a soft cloth. Wipe away any residue.

To download a printable pdf of these cleaning recipes, click here.

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