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Spring Cleaning Guide: Tackle It in Zones

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A clean, clutter-free home is more comfortable, and it can boost your self-esteem and save you money. When you can easily find what you need, you can avoid buying extraneous stuff, and you’ll feel more confident in your abilities to stay on top of your world. Although cleaning and decluttering might seem like a daunting task, particularly when you’re tackling “spring cleaning,” you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time.

The first challenge for this year’s spring cleaning was to grab a basket and go around the house redistributing items back to the rooms they belong in. Now it’s time to make a game plan for tackling the whole house in an organized, strategic manner. I like to start by dividing the house into zones.

Challenge 2: Make a plan to divide and conquer.

  1. Make a plan by dividing your home up into specific areas to tackle on separate days. I have my home divided into six zones, one for each day of the week, leaving one day free as a “day off” or to use as a catch-up day as needed. I suggest the following zones but feel free to tweak your zones to fit your specific living situation: kitchen and dining, bathrooms, master bedroom, other bedrooms, living areas, home office.
  2. Start with the area that bothers you the most. First, pick the zone that’s bothering you, then pick a space within that zone. It can be a small area, such as your desk or bed or bathroom cabinet. It’s hard to clean an entire home at once, so breaking it into manageable zones and then smaller areas within those zones can help you focus and motivate yourself to get started. Picture the “after” by using photos of clean and organized rooms as inspiration.
  3. Give yourself a time frame, and mark it on the calendar. For spring cleaning, I recommend a few days in each zone. Once you get through the heavy decluttering and cleaning, you can start managing your zones on a weekly basis, with each zone having one day a week for maintenance cleaning and purging.

Tip: Write your zones down and post them in a prominent place, on the fridge or on a bulletin board that you refer to often. Mark a #1 by the zone you’re starting in first.

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