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Do You Need Less or Require More?

This post is by Peter DeHaan. Peter is an author, blogger, and magazine publisher. He lives and works in Michigan with his bride of 33 years. They have two married children and two grand puppies. Access Peter’s blogs, social media, and newsletter from his website,

When asked “How much would be enough?” John D. Rockefeller reportedly answered, “just a little bit more.”

That push for more has propelled people to accomplish some amazing things, but left unchecked and unexamined it can leave a wake of devastation – destroying lives, organizations, and resources.

When the push for more focuses on wealth, it is never satisfied. Seeking more can become an inescapable snare.

Many people live beyond their means. For them, they desire just a little bit more. They are, in fact, greedy.

A few people live within their means; they spend responsibly, not letting their reach exceed their grasp. But even these people are often one paycheck away from the collapse of their subsistence. They are living on the edge; financial disaster is knocking at their door.

It’s rare for people to live beneath their means, to live more simply than they can afford, to save money and give money away. They are wise.

Whichever category we find ourselves in, we’d do well to ask, “How much is enough?”

An even better question might be, “How simply can we live?”

Are there changes you need to make in your lifestyle or with your attitude towards money?

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