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Cleaning Your Home Office: 8 Weeks at Home Series

Welcome back to week 7 of the 8 Weeks at Home Series! We’re spending eight weeks decluttering, simplifying and cleaning up room by room in preparation for summer. This week, we’re working on the home office. Whether you have an entire room dedicated to being a home office or a desk tucked into the corner of another room, everyone should have some spot set aside to work, pay bills and just keep up with the paperwork of modern life.

We’ll have two posts this week to help you get your home office space clean and functional. In the first post, we’ll talk about decluttering and simplifying. In the second post, we’ll clean it all up and get it looking nice and shiny. While you’re working in each space, keep some paper and a pen handy and make note of any repairs that need to be made, any supplies that need to be restocked, or any decorating changes you’d like to make. As you decide to get rid of stuff, remove it from the space right away and get it out of the house ASAP so that it doesn’t worm its way back into the space. Take out bags of trash and recycling daily so they don’t pile up in your workspace.

Cleaning Your Home Office: 8 Weeks at Home Series

You’ve Got the Clutter Under Control, So Let’s Clean It!

Now that you’ve got the clutter under control, it’s time to clean and organize. Last time we removed everything that didn’t belong in the office, so now as we put the things that DO belong away, we can clean as we go. Keep some cleaning wipes or a dust rag handy, and clean shelves and horizontal surfaces as you rearrange your workspace.

The Desk Top or Workspace

We want to keep the desktop or workspace as clear as possible so we have plenty of room to work. Keep only necessary items on your desk, and put away as much as possible in a drawer or decorative box. You don’t really need every single office supply out, do you? Keep just a few pens out and put the rest away. Before you put anything back, wipe your desk off with an antibacterial wipe or cleaner to kill any yucky buggies.

Paper Clutter

Everyone gets paper clutter from time-to-time. It’s part of being a human in the modern world. Keep an in-box handy for processing paperwork, and deal with it regularly. I try to deal with paper at least weekly, otherwise I will let it pile up until the stack is taller than me. File the papers you need to keep, digitize what you can, then take action and recycle the rest. For papers you reference frequently, consider storing them in binders so they’re easy to keep together and organize. I use binders for everything from vet records for my pets and background documentation for my son’s speech therapy. Read up more on conquering the file pile here.

Decorations and Chotskies

To keep a clear workspace and make it easier to keep dust-free, keep decorations to a minimum. Try hanging your decorations instead, using framed photos, little art shelves or a cork/magnetic message board. These methods keep the decor contained so it doesn’t get out of control.

Keep It Healthy

Keeping the paper and clutter at bay will go a long way to keeping your workspace healthy. It’s also important to regularly wipe down the desktop, your computer mouse, the telephone, and anything else you touch regularly to keep cold, flu and other germs from spreading.

Next time: Let’s finish the 8 Week series with a quick pick-up outside the home so our curb appeal is as awesome as the inside!

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