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Saving Memories Simply: Creating a Halloween Book

Saving Memories Simply: Creating a Halloween BookOne of my very favorite October traditions is taking my boys to a local pumpkin patch in their Halloween costumes and taking LOTS of photos of them. I started doing this when my oldest son was born — he was 2 months old at his first pumpkin patch photo shoot, and of course, I dressed him as a pumpkin. The next year we went to a larger patch, and our boy was dressed as his best buddy Tigger. The next year, he was a frog, and I was starting to amass a stack of pumpkin patch pictures that I really wanted to show off. And so the pinnacle of my favorite fall tradition was born: the Halloween Book.

I went to Target and got a plain black linen photo album with a little cutout window, where I placed a photo of a jack-o-lantern. I put my pumpkin patch photos in, with a little note for each year for the kid’s age and costume description, and I found a place of prestige for my album on the mantle. The next year, I had 2 sons to take to the patch, and photos of Baby Pooh and Bigger Tigger made their way into the pages. My older son suddenly discovered the book, and now enjoys flipping through the pages, giggling at how silly he looked as a froggie and how much his own pix as a baby pumpkin look like his baby brother.

We’ve got photos of the Firefighter and his puppy Dalmatian, the two Ninjas, and even Scooby Doo and Fred from Mystery Incorporated. It’s a highlight each year to look back on their costumes. We’re past the stage of cutesy coordinating costumes, and now the photos really showcase their personalities. This year, I’ve got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (the orange one because “he’s the funnest”) and a black-wigged Elvis ready to rock his way through the neighborhood.

My own Halloween Book is a simple black linen album, but you can find fun, decorative albums all over the Internet. Even if you don’t do a pumpkin patch, a book dedicated just to your child’s Halloween costuming adventures would be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

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