Creating a Life Free From Chaos

What is Modern Simplicity?

What is Modern Simplicity?When I first started Modern Simplicity, my intent was to highlight ways to live more simply on the Earth. I was very into being eco-friendly, so posts often revolved around changing light bulbs, ways to reuse everyday items, and composting trash.

While I’m still very Earth-conscious, the chaos of modern life, with its emphasis on busyness and the avid acquisition of “stuff,” has become my focus. Modern Simplicity shifted gears because I want to help stressed-out families get away from consumerism and packed schedules, and find their way back to a more peaceful, focused existence.

Modern Simplicity isn’t about telling you what to do from my soapbox, it’s about sharing with you the struggles of finding the modern simple lifestyle together.

Together, we can cut through the chaos and find a balance between modern demands and the intentional, joyful lifestyle we desire.

Simple living means many things to many people. My simple may not be your simple, and that’s OK. Simple living for me involves living in a meaningful, intentional way that values my family and brings us joy while also using our resources to help others and living as lightly on the Earth as we can.

I want to buy less but buy better quality that will last, and use my excess to help others as God leads me. I want to teach my children to care about others and be generous with everything God has blessed them with.

Modern Simplicity is about learning how to figure out what brings you joy and then pursuing it.

Clearing the chaos out of your home so you’re surrounded by just what you use and love. Making your home a sanctuary where you and your loved ones can relax and shake off the stress of the day — not be confronted by the mess of too much and the stress of paying for it all.

It’s about ditching the busy pursuit of more for the simple, fulfilling abundance of “enough.” It’s about getting rid of the chaos that blinds you from what really matters and that distracts you from pursuing your calling.

Together, I want us to:

  • Declutter our homes, keeping the things that we use and that bring us joy, while discarding the stuff that weighs us down and brings down our spirits every time we walk through the door. Staying true to my eco-conscious self, I want to show you how you can discard your unwanted items while being conscious of where they go, ideally to others who need our discards and can use them to bring joy and abundance to their own lives.
  • “Unbusy” our schedules. Yes, modern life is chaotic, but our schedules don’t have to be. Together, I want to find ways to unload the tasks and commitments that keep us running and simplify to just the tasks that will bring us joy and help us reach our goals. That’s not to say that we can unload every task we don’t find pleasurable, but we can trim our commitments down considerably so there’s more time for family, friends and downtime.
  • Dig out of debt. When there’s too much month and not enough money, it can be hard and dispiriting not knowing what to do. Together, we’ll figure out ways to reduce expenses and increase income, and together, we will dig out of the hole.

If Modern Simplicity’s goals resonate with you, I’d love for you to drop me a line at, and be sure to sign up below for your free ebook offering lots of tips on things you can do right now to simplify your life. I want to connect with you and work to create a life free from chaos, together.

What is Modern Simplicity?