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5 Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now

5 Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now

The number one question I get asked most is, how do I simplify my life? Modern life is crazy and chaotic, and deciding to live a simpler lifestyle can bring joy and balance. It can be tough to start, but there’s a snowball effect that keeps you going if you can just get started. Here are my five favorite ways to get started simplifying your life right now.

Pare down your belongings.

Decluttering really does make life simpler. You can find what you want when you need it. You save time and energy cleaning. You save money by not buying things you don’t need (like that new stapler you bought because you couldn’t find your other one). Your home just feels better. We’re still working on decluttering our house, but every box of unneeded items that leaves feels like 50 pounds of weight off my shoulders. We’re working together as a family to keep only items that we use and that bring us joy, while letting go of what we no longer need, use or love. Sell items if you want to, but I highly recommend finding a charity in your area that can use your excess to help those you really need it. It makes letting go so much easier to know that your excess is being used to help those without.

Declutter the fluff in your schedule.

Your time is sacred, and extra tasks and commitments that you aren’t important to you are keeping you busy and stressed for no good reason. Spend some time with your schedule and evaluate each commitment you have. Ask yourself — is this something I like doing? Is this something I dread? Do *I* need to be the one doing this, or can someone else do it? Get rid of the busyness and take a deep breath for a change. Your day will be simpler for it. Check out my post on Creating a Simplified To-Do List.

Take care of yourself.

Take it from someone who hadn’t been taking care of myself and is now saddled with a chronic condition — staying healthy greatly simplifies your life. Being sickly means no energy, wasted time and wasted money spent on doctor visits, medications, and procedures that drain your bank account and your spirit. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Eat good, clean food. Take your vitamins. Spend time in prayer or meditation.

Get your finances in shape.

Few things complicate life as much as not having money for the necessities. Worrying about credit card debt, medical bills, student loans — none of these create joy. Set aside some time to get real with your money. Make a list of all your income and all your bills, such as mortgage, electricity, phones, etc. Determine a reasonable amount to spend on groceries and home basics. List out your debts, smallest to largest, and knock those out Dave Ramsey-style. Commit to a No-Spend month to use up some of your excess and create a little margin in your bank account. Knowing where your money is going and having a plan for how best to steward it definitely puts your mind at ease and simplifies home life.

Be intentional.

Probably the most important tip I can give you for simplifying your life right now is to start being intentional. Think about what you want your life to look like, what you want to feel like on a daily basis, and write it down. Decide how you want your home to look, and be intentional with what you bring into it (and what you take out). Decide how you want to spend your time, and be intentional with what you say yes to doing. Decide how you want to feel and be intentional with how you treat your body, what you eat, how long you stay up at night, and when you take the elevator versus the stairs. Decide where you want your money to go, and be intentional with where you spend it. Decide who is most important, and be intentional with putting those people first instead of giving them only what’s left of you after you do everything else.

5 Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now