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My 5 Favorite Take-Aways from Crystal Paine’s Money Making Mom (Book Review+Giveaway)

In her new book, Money Making Mom, Crystal Paine lays out strategies and encouragement for moms seeking financial freedom. The book is full of money-making ideas that can inspire any mom who’s ready to jump in and earn money for her family. Crystal puts the emphasis on financial freedom — not only having enough money for what you need but having enough money and resources to give generously. It’s not about being rich, it’s about having options.

Real money-making moms are sprinkled throughout Crystal’s book — their stories giving us authentic glimpses to how other moms are building businesses and finding ways to earn money while living their own versions of financial freedom.

Speaking of authenticity, Crystal shares with us the true, behind-the-scenes views of her own journey with work-from-home businesses. From her initial (failed) go at building a wedding dress empire to the massive success of, Crystal shares the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Money Making Mom is available on Amazon and at bookstores nationwide.

My 5 Favorite Take-Aways from Money Making Mom:

  1. Create your vision before you begin. Decide in advance what financial freedom looks like to you and your family. Decide what you want your lifestyle to be, how you want work, and what your goals are for your business and your family.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Success rarely comes overnight, and there are many variables involved in any business. Take some chances and try new things — keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t. Experiment!
  3. Follow your gifts. Before starting any new venture, take stock of your gifts, skills, and talents. Talents and gifts are your natural abilities, but skills can be learned. Do you have talents or gifts that call you in a certain direction, but are you lacking the skills to succeed? Take a class, read a book, get a mentor and learn the skills you need to follow your gifts.
  4. Do your homework — get in there and research the business you’re thinking of starting. Don’t rush into anything, but instead do your due diligence and research the industry and get to know the business laws that apply to your idea. Talk to others in the industry. Don’t jump into something because it seems to work so well for others — make sure it fits your gifts and will work for you.
  5. Set some scary goals. Step outside of your comfort zone. As Crystal says in the book, “If you always stay where it’s easy and safe, you’ll miss a lot of interesting and exciting opportunities. You’ll never reach your full potential.”



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