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How to Stay Organized Every Day

Put things back where they belong.

The easiest way to keep your house clean and organized is to put items back where they belong as soon as you’re finished using them. If you’ve done any decluttering with the KonMari technique, you’ll know each item should have a permanent home where it resides when not in use.

Putting items back where they belong after you use them not only keeps your home tidy, but also keeps you from buying things you don’t need, creating extra clutter since you can find what you need when you need it.

Check your calendar each night.

Checking your calendar each night ensures you don’t miss any appointments. It also helps you know what you need to carry with you during the day so you can pack your bag accordingly.

Whether it’s children’s sports practices, a field trip, a dentist appointment, or an important meeting, by looking at your calendar the night before you’ll be dressed appropriately, have all the items you need, and will be sure to leave the house on time to get where you need to be. Bonus points if you remember to check the weather before going to bed so you dress appropriately and carry an umbrella if it’s going to rain!

Consume less.

Another very important aspect of staying organized is to be aware of what you’re bringing into the house on a daily basis. That means extra diligence when you’re shopping to be sure you’re not buying things you don’t need. It means being aware of things you’re not using anymore and disposing of them responsibly.

A key component of being environmentally responsible on an individual basis is consuming in the most prudent manner and by doing so, not only will you honor the planet, you will help keep your home neat, tidy, and clutter free.

Write it down.

I keep a notebook with me most of the time so I can write down things I don’t want to forget. I have a terrible memory thanks to a chronic health condition, so I write down everything from what needs to go on the shopping list to pesky little to-do’s I’ll forget otherwise. Having a place to write them down ensures everything gets done.

If I don’t have my notebook, then I make a note on my phone — Siri is a good friend to me. Having a place to “write it down” ensures you’ll stay organized by not forgetting appointments, to-do list tasks, or items needed at the grocery store.

Keep your systems simple so everyone understands them.

The most important part of staying organized every day is to make sure you don’t make it complicated. Keep your systems simple so everybody in your home can follow them.

If you try to make things too complicated, people will ignore your systems and not want to follow them, including you! You want to make it easier to follow your systems than it is to not follow them. This includes everything from where you set your keys down when you get home to where you put daily reminders to how you manage your grocery list.

How to Stay Organized Every Day