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Book Review: Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington

Book Review: Breaking Busy by Alli WorthingtonRecently, I read Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington, and you guys, it is seriously good. I’m pretty sure Alli spied on me before writing this book, because she addressed so many issues I was sure I was the only one struggling with. Being crazy busy, feeling like I’m not doing enough, not being enough, and just not living up to “the world’s” expectations of me. Apparently, I’m not alone. Breaking Busy is a great read that can help you cut through the busyness to discover what God really wants for you and how to overcome that constant to be all things to all people.

My top five takeaways from Breaking Busy

    1. “Crazy busy is a life without peace. It’s marked by decisions made for the approval of the world, not the approval of God. It’s filled with what we think we ‘should’ do, what we think will make others happy, and what we think being a good person (or good girl) looks like. All this busyness, in the end, keeps us just out of reach of the life we were created to live.” YES. Have you been spying on me Alli? In reviewing my calendar for the past six months, I discovered that yes, I’ve been filling my days with what I think I should be doing, what I think a good mom would do, things I think I should do so people won’t be disappointed in me. And it’s been crazy busy.
    2. “Neglecting God out of our own busyness, combined with any of the other signs — lack of self-care, chronic lateness, illness, self-medicating, and neglecting our important relationships — are all symptoms that we are off balance. These are not things to beat ourselves up over, but they are signs we should heed.” Again, convicted. Over the past two years, I’ve been diagnosed with chronic illness, and I’m constantly battling anxiety, exhaustion, and overwhelm. I’m the first to admit I take terrible care of myself — forgetting to eat, avoiding drinking water and favoring sugary sodas, and battling chronic insomnia. And yes, I’ve neglected my relationship with God. It’s time to stop beating myself up for it and do something about it.
    3. “God’s not keeping it a secret from you. He’s waiting for you to stop striving and set everything aside that is keeping you busy and distracted, then turn your attention to him. In a living, daily relationship, he can then show you places you should go, people you should listen to, talents you should nourish, opportunities you should pursue, and passions and gifts he wants you to develop.” That quote is referencing calling, that supernatural gift of purpose meeting passion so many feel is elusive and out of reach. But what if it’s not? What if God is simply waiting for you to stop being busy and make time to just sit with him and listen? Again, convicted. I need, and want, to stop and listen for him.
    4. “Sometimes our calling requires us to pass up lots of great opportunities because no matter how great it is, if it’s not what we are supposed to be doing, it won’t produce fruit.” This one can be so hard, and it’s one I’ve struggled a lot with. As a writer, there’s a feeling that I should take any and every opportunity I can get, which often leads me to that feeling of overwhelm and panic as I take on more than I can comfortably handle and end up battling deadlines and the feeling that I’m not able to give 100% to each project like I want.
    5. “Gratitude is the antidote to anxiety.” Wow. So true, yet so hard to remember. I’m writing this in my calendar, on a sticky note on my computer, on my iPad home screen, on my car’s dashboard. So good.


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