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Book Review: Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

Review of Sleep RevolutionI was very excited to receive a review copy of Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night At a Time by Arianna Huffington. A passionate sleep advocate, Arianna came to her love of sleep after collapsing from exhaustion several years ago. I was hoping for some major help and revelations to help with my own sleep issues. I’ve suffered from insomnia for almost 20 years, made even worse now due to fibromyalgia and CFS. Unfortunately, sleep is still elusive to me, even after reading Arianna’s 300+ page book.

Most of the book focuses on sleep studies showing how deeply important sleep is our functioning, performance, and success, as well as a review of sleep history and how various cultures view sleep. It’s fascinating, but not as hands-on informative that I had hoped for.

The end of the book does give some tips for best sleep practices, but there’s not much new. It boils down to setting the stage for sleep with dim lighting, actual pajamas, getting rid of caffeine, and turning off the electronics well in advance. She also mentions getting good exercise during the day, watching your diet, and considering acupuncture. Arianna also discusses how naps can help add sleep time when you’re having problems at night.

The book was fascinating and a good read, but not really hugely helpful if you’re struggling with sleep.

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