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50 Things You Can Toss Right Now to Start Your Path to Simple Living

We all have clutter, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to get started in the clearing out process. Today, I’m sharing 50 things you can get rid of right now to start your decluttering journey.

50 Things You Can Toss Right Now to Start Your Path to Simple Living

  1. Junk mail — be sure to shred anything with your name and address, such as credit card offers
  2. Duplicate or bad photos
  3. Knick-knacks that are taking up precious space
  4. Goopy nail polish
  5. Cosmetic bags you don’t use, like those “free with purchase” bags
  6. Clothes that don’t fit or have too many stains/holes to wear in public
  7. Excess throw pillows
  8. Books you don’t intend to read again — consider donating to your local library
  9. Old computer equipment — wipe any sensitive data
  10. Old cell phones and accessories — remove the SIM card first
  11. Pet toys that are damaged — treat Fido to a new one
  12. Old make-up past its prime
  13. Expired coupons
  14. Expired medication — drop off at a pharmacy for disposal or dump in used cat litter
  15. Old magazines
  16. CDs you won’t listen to again — consider donating to your local library
  17. DVDs you won’t watch again– consider donating to your local library
  18. Frayed or stained towels and washcloths — consider donating to a local animal shelter
  19. Frayed charging cords
  20. Food you don’t intend to eat — donate non-expired pantry items to your local food pantry
  21. Old textbooks
  22. Old school papers
  23. Fashion accessories you never wear
  24. Toys and books your kids have outgrown
  25. Clothing your children have outgrown
  26. Candles that have burned out or that you won’t use
  27. Store rewards cards you don’t use
  28. Unmatched or holey socks
  29. Promo tshirts you don’t wear
  30. Spent gift cards
  31. Product samples you won’t use
  32. Empty boxes
  33. Excessive furniture
  34. Worn out sheets
  35. Old, flat pillows
  36. Gifts you don’t want
  37. Old or excessive wrapping paper and gift bags
  38. Expired skin care products
  39. Broken hangers
  40. Worn out undergarments
  41. Old batteries
  42. Outdated electronics, such as cassette players, record players, and old gaming systems
  43. Old calendars or planners
  44. Dead or dying plants
  45. Unused exercise equipment
  46. Fabric or yard scraps
  47. Craft supplies you won’t use (be honest with yourself!)
  48. Old prescription eyeglasses
  49. Appliance manuals
  50. Broken or excessive kitchen appliances
50 Things You Can Toss Right Now to Start Your Path to Simple Living

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