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How to Bring Hygge into Summer

How to Bring Hygge into Summer

Hygge is a state of contentment and simplicity many people in America and other parts of the world never come to know. “Hygge” is a Danish word that describes a feeling of contentment, comfort, and indulging in the simple, good things in your life. A lot of people associate hygge with winter and find it hard to bring this feeling into the summer. The Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures takes on a completely new life in the summertime. Here is how you can bring hygge into the summer:

Host a barbecue

Hygge is about spending quality time with people you love and care about. Summertime is a great time to host a barbecue in your backyard. Invite some of your friends or a few neighbors, and host a cook-out at your home. Serve some easily prepared food and drinks, or ask friends to share sides, as you catch up and play simple board games in your backyard.

Declutter your home

To enjoy hygge, you need to remove the things you consider clutter in your home. To truly enjoy a “hyggeling” lifestyle, discard everything that doesn’t bring joy into your life (Marie Kondo anyone?) Sort out your clothes and get rid of those clothes you don’t like or don’t fit, tidy your drawers, clear off the kitchen shelves and cupboards, removing what you do not need. Tidy up your home so it feels peaceful and brings you feelings of joy and contentment.

Display fresh flowers

Bring in the cheerfulness of the summer season inside your home by bringing in plenty of bright flowers. You can bring in simple bouquets of tulips, daffodils, or other simple flowers to add to your table settings, add to bookshelves, or decorate your bedside table. This elevates your mood and will make you feel relaxed and connected to the outside world. Adding in some houseplants are a perfect way to purify the air and can leave your home smelling fresh and natural.

Burn a pleasant-scented candle

Some people think that candles are only meant for darker, colder nights; however, you can find pleasant-smelling candles in bright colors and burn them to bring that hygge feeling to your home during the summer season. They will make your home cozy and leave your room smelling nice and fresh. Opt for natural, beeswax candles with natural fragrances whenever possible!

Have simple picnic

Now that the temperatures are up, you can decide to take your hygge experiences to the outdoors. Choose a hygge-worthy area in your backyard and lay down a soft rug for coziness, bring out some throw pillows, and enjoy a simple picnic with a loved one or a few friends. Or pack a picnic basket and a frisbee, and visit a local park. Enjoy a glass of wine with homemade foods and savor the summertime season.

How can you bring hygge into summer? Let me know in the comments!     

How to Bring Hygge into Summer