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5 Easy Steps to Beat Holiday Stress, Save Money & Stay Sane

5 Easy Steps to Beat Holiday Stress, Save Money & Stay SaneThis is a guest post from Deanne Welsh

There are people who can’t wait for Christmas to come. Every year they move their Christmas decorating up a few days with no regard for other holidays. When they see Christmas decorations hit the stores, they squeal with glee, “YES! Christmas is coming!”

Then there are those who sigh loudly and roll their eyes when they see Christmas decorations hit the stores, “What! It’s not even Halloween yet…I can’t believe this!” They believe that Christmas belongs squarely in its place, after Thanksgiving.

Which are you?

I won’t tell you which I am because I don’t want you to hate me, in case you are in the other category.

Can’t we all be friends?

Really though. I don’t care which type of person you are — I just know that I hate the stress and bustling busyness that is often associated with the Holidays.

Years ago, I learned that the only way to beat it was to follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Begin EARLY.

Regardless of whether you want Christmas to come early, or to stay in its place, the way to beat the stress is to begin planning early.

Every year, I set aside time in early November. My goal is to get all the bustling associated with Christmas done by the end of November.

I want to enjoy and relish every day of December doing what I love with the people I love instead of having to brave the crowds and run around like a crazy person…

2. Brainstorm WHAT is IMPORTANT to you this holiday season.

My time is limited and instead of letting circumstances or others dictate my priorities, I want to get down to the heart of what is important for me. When I write my list, it includes:

  • When I want to decorate for Christmas
  • Watching Elf
  • Christmas Lights with my immediate family
  • Scheduled one-on-one time with my closest friends in December so I can give them their gifts

As you write your list, aim to keep it simple and focused on what you want: what would make the Christmas season meaningful and joy-filled for you?  You can get your family’s input later.

Once you have your list, keep it handy for the beginning of December so you can schedule these experiences and keep them safe and sacred.

It’s OK to say no during the holiday season. Really! It is! Every rational person will understand that you cannot do it all. If they don’t understand, it is on them. It is not our job to please and make everyone happy. This is why you spend time deciding who you want to spend time with, and then if there is extra room in your schedule, you can always say yes without short-changing your priorities and loved ones.

5 Easy Steps to Beat Holiday Stress, Save Money & Stay Sane3. Brainstorm your GIFT LIST.

Who do you want to get a gift for?

Do you know what you want to get them, or even a price range? Make a list and write this next to their name.

SAVE MONEY: Encourage your group of friends or extended family to participate in a special gift raffle. For example:

  • On my husband’s side: everyone has agreed to only buy gifts for the kids and to simply enjoy each other’s company ($10-$15 per kid).
  • On my side: the adults in one family draw the name of one other family and we only buy gifts for those adults ($40-$50 total).
  • On my side: the kids each draw the name of one cousin and buy them a gift ($10-15 value).

This allows us to focus and buy meaningful gifts that will be loved. We can ask specific questions about what people want without having a huge list of too many people. We don’t want to be stressed and hurrying, buying random crap, and breaking the bank.

TIP: It really is the thought that counts. Aim to find gifts that are meaningful and thoughtful regardless of the price tag.

If your family is strapped for cash this year, don’t feel bad and don’t apologize. You are not alone.  Millions of people face the holidays with a sinking feeling of not having enough. This does not have to be you.

Embrace the truth that friendship, appreciation, and love are truly the most important. Don’t be afraid to get creative and give handmade cards, presents, or home-baked goods. Please do not apologize.

This is not a season for shame and feeling less than. ~@Eclecticwaters Click To Tweet

Every single person has a gift to give, and if this is not the year for expensive things, then make it a year for the things that are eternal: experiences, fun, laughter, friendship, and appreciation.

If someone does shame you for your gift or expects more than you have to offer, it’s probably time to evaluate that connection before the holidays so they don’t ruin the holidays for you. When someone shames you, it says more about them than about you!

4. Brainstorm your CHRISTMAS CARD list & get the ADDRESSES NOW.

This is so easy to leave to the last minute, and if you’re like me, in the past my Christmas cards have arrived after Christmas or not at all.(If you don’t mail Christmas cards or presents – you can skip this section. 😊)

Once you know who you want to send a card to, make sure you have their current address & then schedule time in November (so your cards can be in the mail on December 1) to:

  • Update your address list
  • Create or order your Christmas Cards
  • Address envelopes
  • Buy stamps
  • Have them ready to pop in the mail on December 1.

Bonus Tip:  Schedule your family pictures for July or August so you have them ready for your Christmas card. We do this every year.

You can always wear long sleeves and winter accessories if the Christmas look is important to you. Or, if you are like me, I know people really just want a picture of us so I don’t worry about what season we are dressed for.

5. SAVE MONEY & Buy your gifts by the end of November.

Now that you have your Christmas gift list, make it a point to ask recipients what they like, or be a detective and pay attention to what they enjoy.

Then browse stores for sale items (they are still valuable when bought on sale – you are the only person who will know).

As you buy gifts, take the time to wrap them and set them aside as you buy them. You can do this while watching TV or listening to a podcast. The goal: have all of your Christmas shopping and even wrapping completed by the end of December.

Bonus Tip: I buy gifts all year long. I have a large Christmas tub in my closet and when I see beautiful items on sale, I buy them and add them to the bin. Since most of my girlfriends and sisters love beautiful things, I often create gift baskets for them.

You’ve done it!

You’ve mastered the holidays and are free to enjoy the whole month of December anxiety & bustle free. Kick your feet up, pour that glass of eggnog or tea, and enjoy the sights, smells, and festivities with those you love.

Which of these tips did you like best?

How do you prepare for the holidays?

Deanne Welsh is the founder of Unstoppable Writers for writers passionate about catapulting themselves and others to success through mastering their messaging, marketing, and money. You can join them here.  Deanne writes at

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