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The Super Simple Decluttering Trick You’re Probably Forgetting

The Super Simple Decluttering Trick You're Probably Forgetting.

Decluttering doesn’t always have to be done as a big production, with junk pulled from every available crook and cranny to be sorted, purged, and organized. You can do a little decluttering every day, by adopting one simple habit you may not be thinking about.

Use up what you have!

So many of us (myself included) have 

  • Multiple bottles of shampoo or body wash in the shower
  • Duplicates of different skincare products or make-up that we’ve tried and then moved on to the next new thing
  • Half-used bottles of various cleaners under the sink
  • Several rolls of packing tape at various levels of tape
  • Two or three of the exact same spice in your cupboard because you couldn’t remember if you had some so you bought more anyway

Sound familiar? 

I’m guilty of this one, especially when it comes to skincare products. They’re everywhere, as I try something for a week, then move on to a different one, always looking for the “perfect” product that will make me look 10 years younger (yeah right).

The solution?

  1. Get all those products out, and organize them by type. This includes all those little trial size cosmetic and skincare samples you got from Sephora or your last beauty box.
  2. Toss anything expired or that you know for a fact you won’t use. 
  3. Grab the bottle that’s closest to nearing empty. That’s the one you’re going to use until it’s all gone. Then you’ll move on to the next bottle that’s closest to nearing empty.
  4. Continue this process for each category of products you have that a stockpile of, both of the “open” variety and new products stashed in the back of the cabinet.
  5. Vow not to buy ANY new products in each category until your stash is gone. Then buy the one you really love and stick with it until it’s gone.

I know this sounds ridiculously easy, and it is, but you’d be amazed how many of us don’t do it. We can easily clear out cabinet and drawer space with very little effort just by following the “use it up” rule. 

The Super Simple Decluttering Trick You're Probably Forgetting