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Fresh Start: 31 Days to Simplify, Declutter and Rein in the Chaos

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Fresh Start: 31 Days to Simplify, Declutter and Rein in the Chaos is a must-have for anyone that needs to declutter their home and simplify their lifestyle. Simplicity and green living writer Sandy Kreps offers suggestions to help you get rid of unnecessary items in your home as well as clearing out those extraneous tasks and commitments that keep you moving at a frantic pace.

Fresh Start provides inspiration to pare down your possessions, with tips on practical topics, such as “Streamlining Your Closet,” “How to Clean the Bathroom Quickly and Easily,” and “Creating a Restful Bedroom Retreat.” Sandy also offers advice on freeing up your time and talents for what really matters most to you, with topics such as “Making Your To-Do List Work” and “Getting Help Around the House.”

Sandy’s encouraging style and personal anecdotes make you feel like you’re chatting with a good friend over coffee. Fresh Start is a practical introduction to living with less, written by someone with a genuine passion for simplifying and living lightly on the planet.

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What People are Saying:

Fresh Start is a thorough and practical guide to improve your home and life. It will inspire your thinking, challenge your habits, and encourage you with just the right amount of you-can-do-it contained in each day’s challenge.” ~Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist and author of Simplify and Living with Less

“I’ve read plenty of books and articles on organizing… but never one from a “green” perspective. Sandy’s book takes you on a simple, streamlining mission through every room and area of the house, as well as your daily routine. You won’t have to go out and buy anything new (like plastic storage bins or hangers) to follow her advice.” ~Amity Hook-Sopko, Executive Editor and Publisher, Green Child Magazine

“Our lives are too complicated. We are buried with clutter and tasks and stress — and we don’t know the way out of our own mess. Fortunately, Sandy has written a guide just for that. Read this, then live it. It will change the way you live.” ~Jeff Goins, author of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

 “Sandy’s book is of value because it’s not just full of ideas, but she shares specific suggestions to solve problems that can distract us from enjoying what matters most in life. I appreciate Sandy’s transparency and light-hearted approach to tasks that can bog down even the most organized people.” ~Dana Byers, Church Online Community Pastor and minimalist blogger, 

“From the first page, to the very last sentence, Fresh Start more than delivered. With this book you will learn how to de-clutter, how to create a launch pad so you’re never losing your keys again. And if you’re not sure how to set goals, she covers that as well. Paying attention to every detail, you will feel as if Sandy is perched on your shoulder showing you exactly how to do the next thing, no matter what your schedule looks like. This book would make a great wedding shower gift, a super housewarming gift. It’s a helping hand to anyone who feels overwhelmed, not knowing what to do next.” ~Anne Peterson, author of Real Love, Guaranteed to Last

“What a great book to help break the dailies of life into easy, doable steps. Sandy has provided everything we need to get a grip on life in the short span of a month. Each day is a short read, and applicable right away! With equal parts information + encouragement, I am ready to take these ideas and put them into practice. Well worth the time spent reading.” ~Christa Sterken

“I recommend this book for anyone who wants to organize and declutter their lives. It is filled with practical and easy to implement tips that don’t require a lot of time (or money) to implement. I began putting several into place from the first day I read it.” ~Joan Hall

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