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Interview with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist & The More of Less

I’m excited to share with you an interview I did recently with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist. We spoke about his new book, The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own, and his online course, Uncluttered.

Interview with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist & The More of Less

Q: What is the #1 takeaway you want readers to get from your new book, The More of Less?

Joshua: I want people to realize that their lives are too valuable to waste chasing and accumulating material possessions. And I want them to know that to be true. I want people to know that they were designed to accomplish more significant things than filling a big house with a lot of stuff. I want them to realize that all the stuff they own is actually keeping them from fulfilling their biggest dreams.

2. What is the biggest question you wish people would ask you about minimalism that they never seem to ask?

Joshua: I think people should ask, “How will owning less stuff benefit my life?” I think that when people ask that question, they discover the answers pretty quickly. When they own less stuff, they’ll have more time and more energy, more money, more focus, less distraction. They’ll have everything they’ve actually been looking for most in life. No one ever asks the question, “How will my life be better with less?” We’re just constantly told that it’ll be better with more.

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3. What was the most surprising side effect of simplifying life for your family?

Joshua: Both my opportunity for, and growing appreciation of, generosity in my life. I think that most people want to be generous, they just can’t find the space to do it. They don’t think they have the money to be as generous as they’d like to be. When we began owning less and subsequently accumulating less, we suddenly found out that we always did have the resources and the means to be generous. And not only that, there was a lot more joy in generosity than in accumulating stuff. I’ve come to say that the most fulfilling thing we can do with our money is to give it away. I’m still kind of shocked at what we get to do now because of the journey we’ve been on.

4. How does your course Uncluttered expand upon the content of your new book, The More of Less?

Joshua: The course helps people apply the principles they find in the book. Some people need more than words on a page to make changes in their lives. Some people need accountability, community, and encouragement. Some need specific questions answered, and some need a step-by-step approach they can take to go through their home. The course provides that for people. It provides everything that a book can’t provide — accountability, community, ongoing inspiration.

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