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  1. Apologies! I recently changed my web address to a dot org site. You can now find that page here: Enjoy!

  2. VB

    Thanks for your recent article on
    I am writing a nonfiction sort of “how to” book as well. While I have never written a book I have years of experience writing fiction screen plays. Fiction was always a breeze. I thought writing nonfiction would be easy but since I function more on the artistic side of life I have found the organization and creation of a clear message and logical plan harder to put into words. Its funny how everyone is different. Joanna Penn thinks nonfiction is easier, she’s very technical though and I have a feeling that is why a logical process comes easier for her. Anyway I have been working over a year (4 hours a day) on my nonfiction book. The manuscript is now over 350 pages long. The info is all over the place and I can’t for the life of me seem to get it into any kind of a coherent first draft… I live right near Nashville, maybe I will attend.

    1. Thanks for stopping by VB! If you come to Tribe Conference in Nashville, be sure to stop by and say hi! I’ll be there!

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