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It’s tough being Mom! So many hats to wear: personal chef, housekeeper, taxi driver, teacher, financial planner, errand runner, play-date coordinator, boo-boo fixer, birthday party planner…. the list goes on and on. Mommy Simplicity, by Sandy Kreps, gives encouragement to busy, stressed-out moms and lays out strategies for dealing with the chaos. Time management, household organization, cleaning, cooking, relationships, work life — moms have a lot to deal with! This book will help you cut through the mess, put a plan in place, and run a simpler home with less stress and more fun.

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What Moms Are Saying

Simple. Easy to read. Relevant. Practical. This book is all of these. Far from being another theoretical book on simplicity, it is full of practical advice, easy to follow steps, and stories from real women with whom readers will identify. Its energy and positivity will have you ready, willing and eager to make some real changes. If simplicity is what you’re looking for, look no further; this book has everything you need to put you on the path to minimizing clutter and distraction and becoming a better, more organized, more relaxed version of you than you ever thought you could be! ~Pam

I tried to underline all the ideas I wanted to try in this book. I thought I would go back and prioritize which one to do first. But I gave up, I couldn’t wait until I read it all. I had to start doing them by page 20. I didn’t realize simplifying would be fun and improve my family’s attitude. Finally, I have added something to my life, that didn’t add more guilt or more stress – Simplification. ~Jayna

I loved this book! There is so much common-sense advice that you usually don’t think of in the moment. Each of the points is explained so well and in detail with examples. I love the comments from other mothers. They make you feel that you are not the only one! I would so recommend this book to new mothers and not-so-new mothers alike. This is very well written. Great job Sandy Kreps! Thank you for the great information in an easy to read format for everyday life! ~Barb

It’s like you are talking about me and how I feel majority of my daily life! Those questions in “Time Management” section are AWESOME and will be adding to my NEW plans. Thanks again! Loving every minute I read it! ~Jessica

Mommy Simplicity is simply awesome. The book gives examples of Simplicity in all aspects of life. Helpful time management tips are offered with real life examples. Decluttering is encouraged with room by room steps to complete the goals. The Mommy Tool box description is fascinating. I totally love the cleaning and pampering recipes, so pure, inexpensive, and luxurious. Keeping finances in order and no over spending is covered. If you are a Mommy raising children or love a woman that is, this book is for you. ~Laura